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Organic Cotton

Our  BCI and GOT certified organic cotton fabrics have a wonderfully-soft, natural feel and are 100% eco-friendly. That's because they're made in quality-controlled, Chinese textile facilities with no harmful chemicals or toxic finishes. You won't find a better-quality organic cotton fabric.


Polyester & Nylon

By Ealytex's unique technology, water resilient and high breathable function can be made with coating and laminating.

Ealytex Recycle Polyester & Nylon

Fibre properties: Polyester
Moisture resistant, quick dry and wicking,


Fibre properties: Polyamide
Highly absorbent dry more slowly
Softer hand-feel than polyester

Weft stretch, 2-way stretch or 4-way stretch fabric with twill or dobby structure, plain, ripstop, etc

Bamboo Fibre

Natural environmentally-friendly fibers.
100% bamboo fibers possess a silky-soft feel. Environmentally-safe product will not put any extra burden on the planet The cross-section of these fibers is honeycombed with tiny pores of various sizes, giving bamboo fiber a unique coolness and air permeability.

Fibre properties:

Natural germ-resistance, deodorant, breathable, 

shiny appearance, biodegradable

Bamboo fibers are 417 times better at blocking

UV radiation than cotton fibers

Area of use:
Sportswear, Casual wear, Golf apparel, Outerwear, Fashion wear, Innerwear, Children’s clothing, Caps, Bags, Bedding..etc

Viscose, Rayon & Lyocell

Viscose, Rayon and Lyocell are regenerated cellulosic fibres made from wood pulp through processes. The plant-based chemical structure is what gives these textiles their desirable properties, such as a natural next-to-skin softness, breathability and good moisture management.

Innovations include Tencel™ and Refibra™. 

Fibre properties:

Soft handle and excellent drape
High tensile strength, absorbent, wrinkles 

Weft stretch, Warp stretch or 4-way stretch fabric with Weaving, twill or dobby structure, plain, canvas, oxford. Yarn-dyed check ..etc

Area of use:
Sportswear, Casual wear, Fashion wear, Trim, Children’s clothing, Loungewear, Sleepwear, Innerwear, Bedding


The Better Cotton Initiative
This voluntary program aims to establish global principles and criteria for cotton growers and retailers. The BCI certification standard focuses on pesticide reduction and water usage.

Global Recycled Standard
Working on a tracking and tracing principle through all stages of production, GRS indicates the use of recycled materials in any products, including verification that the material is truly recycled. GRS does not permit chemicals identified as toxic in production.

Cradle to Cradle
The C2C certification reviews company efforts across multiple focus areas including eco materials, recycling, renewable energy, water efficiency, and social responsibility. Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum level certifications are awarded to materials and production systems after being scored against multiple criteria.

The Global Organic Textile Standard
Developed by leading standard organizations, GOTS aims to ensure the organic status of textiles throughout the entire supply chain in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer.

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production
Wrap is an independent, non-profit organization focusing on lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing within the apparel, footwear and textile sectors.

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